Weight Coach: Permanent weight loss through overcoming the urge to overeat.

Ep 38: Do You Disassociate The Food You Eat From The Body You Wear?

May 16, 2017

A favorite trainer of mine, female marine and built like, well BUILT, once said to me, "All this took a lot of food, A LOT."  You see, I think most of us who deal with weight issues do not associate what we are eating with the body we are wearing.  Intellectually, sure, we know our food goes into our body.  But we do not have the experience of knowing what we put in our mouth immediately impacts our body.  I break this down and more.  Today I share an idea I'm having for a weight loss class.  Let me know what you think:  email me at Joann@joannthelifecoach.com or go to http://talktojoann.com to set up a call with me.   

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