Weight Coach: Permanent weight loss through overcoming the urge to overeat.

Ep 36: Watch Out for the Metabolism Killer!

November 2, 2016

Today’s message is Stop Dieting.  Seriously!  Stop dieting.  If dieting worked, we would not continue to have an obesity problem in this country.  The worst part of dieting is when you take off all those pounds and then they start coming back on, you think that YOU’VE failed. Find out in this episode what works to keep your metabolism rev'd up and your weight down.  I am also announcing a fun, new podcast on "This is US."  If you want to cohost an episode, reach out in email to joann@joannthelifecoach.com  Want to get on the phone and see if you are a good fit for coaching?  Schedule a day and time at http://talktojoann.com  My website is:  http://joannthelifecoach.com

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