Ep 42 Get Out of Your Past!

October 15, 2017

If your expectations for your future are all based on your experiences in your past, then you only repeat your past.  Listen today as I talk about thinking NEW thoughts for your future and the goals you want to set for yourself.  Learn how to live an amazing, extraordinary life!  Email:  Joann@JoannTheLifeCoach.com  


Ep 41 The Ultimate Answers to Weight Loss

October 2, 2017

On this episiode I cover some of what I’ve come to believe and understand about weight loss. Over the years how I became more and more obsessed about food, exercise, my body.  I thought if I could just be skinny, everything would be fine.  Unfortunately, all the information we've been told about weight loss over the last 50+ years has been wrong - completely wrong.  Here is the basic concept behind what I teach.  If you are interested in making the committment to change your eating and your life, reach out to me about the next class starting on October 27, 2017.  Drop an email to me at Joann@JoannTheLifeCoach.com  


Ep 40 Don’t Let Feeling Ridiculous Hold You Back!

August 30, 2017

Does feeling “ridiculous” hold you back from speaking up or even admitting something about yourself to yourself?  You are not alone!  This is one of the emotions coming up for my clients in my stop overeating class.  The very thing that you feel ridiculous about needs to be examined and taken seriously!  Find out more on this episode.  Email:  Joann@JoannTheLifeCoach.com  Website:  http://joannthelifecoach.com    


Ep 39: Stop Overeating Class

July 4, 2017

Where has the Weight Coach been?  I'm here and sharing how thinking the same thoughts you've always thought creates the same results you've always gotten.  Ever wonder why the weight always comes back on?  There ya go - same thoughts, same turning to food, same regain.  On this episode I am sharing some of my story and passion for this work, and why after this hiatus I've decided to do a one-time only offer to teach a 12-week Stop Overeating Class.  Youi can reach out to find out more by dropping an email to joann@joannthelifecoach.com with "Stop Overeating" in the subject line.  Let's DO this!  http://joannthelifecoach.com  


Ep 38: Do You Disassociate The Food You Eat From The Body You Wear?

May 16, 2017

A favorite trainer of mine, female marine and built like, well BUILT, once said to me, "All this took a lot of food, A LOT."  You see, I think most of us who deal with weight issues do not associate what we are eating with the body we are wearing.  Intellectually, sure, we know our food goes into our body.  But we do not have the experience of knowing what we put in our mouth immediately impacts our body.  I break this down and more.  Today I share an idea I'm having for a weight loss class.  Let me know what you think:  email me at Joann@joannthelifecoach.com or go to http://talktojoann.com to set up a call with me.   


Ep 37 Your Overeating/Snacking Could be Just Habit

February 4, 2017

My mentor and coach, Brooke Castillo, who certified me as a life coach and weight loss coach has paid me the amazing honor of including a segment by me at the end of one of her podcast episodes.  I was thrilled to share my take on Focus, Willpower and Desire with her audience.  I am including a replay of that segment here in the second half of today’s podcast.  For this special episode recorded during our season break for Weight Coach, I want to include a bit of insight into habit.  Habit is something I started thinking about in relation to my client’s who experience failed attempts to eat well at the same time every day.  Email:  Joann@JoannTheLifeCoach.com  Website:  http://joannthelifecoach.com  


Ep 36: Watch Out for the Metabolism Killer!

November 2, 2016

Today’s message is Stop Dieting.  Seriously!  Stop dieting.  If dieting worked, we would not continue to have an obesity problem in this country.  The worst part of dieting is when you take off all those pounds and then they start coming back on, you think that YOU’VE failed. Find out in this episode what works to keep your metabolism rev'd up and your weight down.  I am also announcing a fun, new podcast on "This is US."  If you want to cohost an episode, reach out in email to joann@joannthelifecoach.com  Want to get on the phone and see if you are a good fit for coaching?  Schedule a day and time at http://talktojoann.com  My website is:  http://joannthelifecoach.com


Ep 35: Dropping Emotional Weight

October 19, 2016

Losing weight is a battle fought in the mind, not the gym or kitchen. Only when you are finally able to “flip the switch” and face your issues, will you be able to start a real weight loss journey.  If you can work through some emotional baggage you’ve been dragging around behind you, the pounds you are carrying as a result of that particular piece of baggage will be able to drop off.  Email:  Joann@JoannTheLifeCoach.com  Schedule a free session at http://talktojoann.com   


Ep 33: Special Announcement

October 13, 2016

Today my book, WIDOWED, is live on Amazon.com in Kindle Format and I'm offering it for FREE for the next 3 days.  Details in this brief announcement.  Event registration:  http://lifefromtheauthorcastle.com  Book web page:  http://joannthelifecoach.com/widowed/


Ep 34: Emotional Turbulance

October 12, 2016

Understanding how to feel and process your emotions is key to permanent weight loss.  Today I discuss how you can begin to tune into your feelings, recognize them and move through them.  Reach out to me in email at Joann@joannthelifecoach.com   Website:  http://joannthelifecoach.com


Ep 32: What Have You Got to Lose

October 6, 2016
What have you got to lose?  What have you lost?  I cover both today.  There is judgement out there over how much or how little you have to lose, but how can we fully comprehend the emotional pain of another?  Today I share more of my own personal life with all of my listeners along with a special announcement. I hope you'll indulge me on sharing the events that have affected what I have to lose and what I have lost, and that in sharing, you find some answers for you too.  Find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/joannthelifecoach/  My email is:  Joann@joannthelifecoach.com  You can schedule a free discovery session at http://talktojoann.com

Ep 31: Lessons from Survivor

September 28, 2016

There are lots of life lessons to be learned from the hit reality show, Survivor - “play hard” “Play Strategically” “Stay flexible” “Face your fears” “Change your destiny” - you get the idea. But  what has perked my interest is the food - or lack of it.  It is fascinating to watch perfectly normal, healthy humans begin to eat limited rations and quickly drop weight. Here's what you can learn about weight loss from Survivor!  email:  Joann@joannthelifecoach.com  Website:  http://joannthelifecoach.com  Schedule with me at http://talktojoann.com  


Ep 30: The Coaching Thought Model

September 21, 2016

This episode was inspired by a post from a friend on Facebook.  I am so happy that she wrote this post because it made me realize the importance of specifically teaching the coaching thought model that I work with and teach my clients how to implement in their own lives.  Not a day goes by in my own life that I am not self-coaching with this model, over and over.  So on today's episode, I am diving in and explaining the entire thought model.  Email:  Joann@joannthelifecoach.com  Schedule a free discovery session:  http://talktojoann.com  Website:  http://joannthelifecoach.com


Ep 29: Where Do You Begin for Permanent Weight Loss

September 14, 2016

Have you immersed yourself for years in educating yourself about diets and work outs, nutrition, supplements - read every book, tried every diet? It was SOOOOOO much work and the weight always came back.  Now you absolutely know the diets don't work.  But where do you begin?  This episode shares how to make permanent change in any area of your life!  Find the Weight Loss Mastermind at http://joannfilomena.com or schedule a free discovery session at http://talktojoann.com   Email:  Joann@joannthelifecoach.com  Website:  http://joannthelifecoach.com


Ep 28: Decide What You Want and Get It

September 7, 2016
If you don’t like your outcome, change your responses by changing your thoughts.  Everything you experience today is the result of choices you have made in the past.  Own that, take responsibility for it - then you can decide what you want and get it.  Listen today to find out how!  Learn about the Weight Loss Mastermind at http://joannfilomena.com  Email:  Joann@joannthelifecoach.com  Schedule a free session athttp://talktojoann.com